2.1 Describe why Servlets are not the whole solution

Front-end developers cannot work with servlets effectively. Embedding HTML/CSS/JavaScript inside Servlets is tedious and error-prone. Therefore, we use JSP, JSTL etc.

2.2 Describe essentials of JSPs

JSP are the view in MVC. They are easier for web developers to work with. They are converted into servlets.
JSP custom tags are not only for the HTTP protocol. That is one of the reasons tagext package is a part of javax.servlet.jsp package and not of javax.servlet.http package.

Not much here because the details are covered in 7. Developing JSP pages

2.3 Understand the fundamentals and reasons for MVC architecture

Separating M from V-C enables different views to be used to interact with the same model. It is easier to make changes, and more understandable when the different parts are separated out.


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